Matematik Bölümü Haftalık Seminer Programı
Eklenme Tarihi: 12 Aralık 2019, 13:18
Son Güncelleme Tarihi:30 Temmuz 2021, 09:54

Speaker:  Master Student. Shorsh Mohamed Mustafa, Department of Mathematics Near East University, Lefkoşa, Turkey
Title:  A Two New Eco-Epidemiological Model of the First One Consisting of a Prey and Two Competing Predators with SI-Disease in Prey Specie.

Abstract: The thesis studies a two new Eco-epidemiological model of the first one consisting of a prey and two competing predators with SI-disease in prey specie. The disease spreads by contact between susceptible prey and infected prey, the proposed model included linear functional response. The second one is the same first model but it affected by toxic-ant.

The present thesis consists of three chapters. The first chapter gives a brief introduction to the dynamics of ecological and epidemiological systems. The important concepts are over-viewed and a brief discussion on tool/technique used in this study is also included.  The second chapter treats the dynamical behavior of our proposed model. We give the sufficient condition for existence of feasible equilibrium point and locally asymptotically stability of each equilibrium point and global stability of the trivial equilibrium points is studied. The third chapter treats the dynamical behavior of two the non-survival as well as free equilibrium point of our proposed model.

Date:          Monday December 16, 2019
Time:          13.00-14.00
Place:          FE-2-D02, Department of Mathematics, Near East University, Lefkoşa, Turkey